This space is intended for freelancers working for PRODOC

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Summary / Overview

Sometimes it is necessary to exchange larger files that cannot be attached to emails. In this case we use our FTP server



FTP access is not limited by your administrator, i.e. port 21 is open.


Table of contents

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Step-by-Step instructions

FTP access

The address of our ftp server is

We will assign you a USERNAME, a PASSWORD and an extra space on our FTP server where only you and the PRODOC team have access.

Using Windows own tools

The built-in WIndows explorer (NOT the Internet explorer!) can be easily used to get access to an FTP-server.

Just type in the address into the address line of the Windows explorer (replace Internet-> acc. to the following scheme

(replace USERNAME and PASSWORD by the data you received from us), and you will get access to your space on our server:

Using Filezilla

Just follow the instructions in the file below (in German)