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For exchanging large files (e.g. TMs) we use ShareFile as filesharing tool



PRODOC creates a ShareFile profile for you, after which you receive a registration Mail. Registration is described below.

  • You receive a link with your registration mail with a link for registration
    Activate PRODOC Sharefile Account

  • Copy the link in a browser or click on the Activate Account button.

Registration step 1

The following website will open:
PRODOC Sharefile user activation first page

  • Check that:
  1. Your first name
  2. Your last name
  3. Your company
    are correct!
  • Then click Continue

Registration step 2

  • In the next Window enter a password and then click on Save and Sign In
    PRODOC Sharefile user activation second page

This will open the PRODOC Sharefile server user interface

The PRODOC Sharefile server user interface

Upon first access, the following page will be displayed:

PRODOC ShareFile user interface

Remember the Sign-in page: for future access to the PRODOC ShareFile server

File/Folder operations


 You can only see, upload, download files to folders for which PRODOC granted you permission

  • Go to Shared Folders to upload/download files
    PRODOC Sharefile shared folder display

  • Click on the + sign to get additional options for actions:
    PRODOC Sharefile Folder options

Upload files

  • Open a folder where you want to upload files to
  • Simply Drag&Drop the file you want to upload from your Windows explorer to the ShareFile user interface

Download files

  • Select one or more files for download
    Download files from PRODOC ShareFile

An additional menu bar will appear above the files:

  • Click on Download

More Info on ShareFile

For more info use the ShareFile help:

PRODOC Sharefile Home


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