This space is intended for freelancers working for PRODOC

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  • Degree in translation studies (recognized university degree)
  • Comparable education/training in a different field with a minimum of two years of verifiable translation experience

  • Minimum five-year record of professional experience as a translator

Registration at PRODOC

Checking your qualification

  • We will request a test translation from you as needed.
  • After a successful and satisfying test translation we will try to work with you more frequently, in order to evaluate the consistency of your translation quality.
  • If permanent cooperation is of mutual interest, we will conclude a supply agreement.

Your advantages

Please note that we are certified in accordance with ISO 17100. 

  • This not only means that you as translator have to fulfil certain requirements in order to work for us, but also that we have to certify regular further training of our translators.
  • For this purpose we plan (status 01/2017) to hold regular webinars of topics concerning technical translation.
  • Taking part is proof for your further training as well.
  • This proof will most likely be required from most language service providers for future cooperation.


With memoQ

You can find further information in the PRODOC memoQ guide

Customer-specific guidelines

There are customer-specific guidelines for each customer which have to be adhered to when working on different projects.

You can find a summary of these in the Customer Info section of this area.

Access to the Customer Info section is password protected, you receive a password only upon order placement.


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