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The functionality of Acrobat Reader regarding filling and signing forms is a little bit confusing.

The complete Adobe Help refers to forms that shall be signed using Adobe's servers and Digital ID functionality on those.

For our forms we do not use this functionality - for forms provided by PRODOC follow these instructions.

How to use PRODOC PDF forms

When you open a form in Adobe Acrobat you can use the default tool to fill all form fields. There is no need using the Fill & Sign tool.

You can recognize fields to be filled by the light blue background.

Preferably you should fill the form in Adobe Acrobat.

If you do not want to digitally sign it, you can omit the signing and print the filled form. Then you can manually sign the printed document.

Optional fields

There are three types of optional fields:

  • Drop-Down boxes: select a vlaue from the list or, if the desired value is not contained in the list, put the cursor in the field and write
  • Check boxes. you can check as many check boxes as appropriate
  • Text fields: Just type in the required information

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields feature a red border.

Make sure to fill the mandatory fields

Although being marked as mandatory, Adobe Acrobat does not provide functionality to check whether these fields are filled before you sign a form.

From a group of radio buttons you can always check only one at a time.

Digital signature field

This is a special field for digital signatures.

Form fields will be locked after signing

Once you have digitally signed a form, you can no longer edit the form fields.

Before you can use this type of field, you have to create a digital ID first - see Create a digital ID.

When you click this field, you are asked for the signature you want to use:

In the next Window you can select one of the appearances you defined together with oyur digital ID:

When you now click on Sign, the signature will be placed into the document and you are asked to save the form under a different name.

Once the form is saved with the signature, all form fields will be locked in their current state.

Fill & Sign tool for PDF forms

For your information only

This tool is not intended for use with forms which contain a field for digital signatures! Do not use it with our forms!

It only allows you to set your signature and initials so you can place those electronically in the PDF form - this just saves you writing them over and over again.

When you activate the Fill & Sign tool:

you see a single tool in the toolbar:

Here you can add a scan of your signature and initials - just for convenience. If you use these tools only, this will result in the PDF file not having a valid digital signature. You have to print the PDF file in this case.

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