This guide shows you how to check out a memoQ project from our server. 


When working for us with memoQ, you must work on our Server, where you will find the projects and files assigned to you. You need server login data, i.e. server address, user name and password to log in.
More information on your user account can be found at User profiles on the PRODOC memoQ server

Checking out a Project from our memoQ server

When we assign one or more project files to you, you receive an e-mail from our memoQ server, which specifies the project and the file names that are assigned to you (it also contains a file that will open the project in your local memoQ installation after double-clicking it). This email from our memoQ server is not an official purchase order!

In addition, we will send to you an order per e-mail with the total word count of the work, the costs of the translation/proof-reading, the delivery date and a copy of the statistics from memoQ. This e-mail is the official purchase order.

In order to start your translation, you must check out the project from our server and download it.

You can do this on your memoQ Dashboard.

Click Check Out From Server:

The Check out online project window appears.

In this window, enter our Server URL "" and click on Select.

A window appears, where the server asks your login data.

Enter your User name and Password, and confirm with Ok.

 If you have entered your User name and Password correctly, you will see the projects that are assigned to you at this moment in the following window.

Select the Project on which you want to work and click on "Check out project"


memoQ now downloads the project files and project information into a local copy on your PC

After download, the Project home window appears:

From here, you can start working, either as translator or as reviewer.