Discussions are a feature in memoQweb that enable topic-related and targeted communication between users of a memoQ server.

  • A discussion item contains information regarding a problem in memoQ/qTerm.
  • A discussion item is stored in a database and contains a direct link to the segment (memoQ project) or termbase entry (qTerm termbase) that contains the problem.
  • A discussion item has a heading (Summary), description of the problem and a suggestion for its solution.
  • A discussion item is always directed at a memoQ/qTerm user who is then responsible to solve the problem.
    The user automatically receives an email once a discussion is assigned to him.
  • A discussion item can be seen by all users who have access rights to the same project/termbase
  • A single user can see all discussion items he/she has access to on the discussion panel

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