This is a procedure that makes sure you get a local copy of your project with correct settings in case something has gone wrong

Make sure that your last changes are stored on our server

Open your local copy

  • Double click the project name or just click the Open icon

Your username after the project name tells you that this is your local copy, stored on your PC

  • In the Synchronize project window choose No:

  • Highlight all the documents you are working on and choose Synchronize current document

This will make sure that all your changes in the documents you are working on are transferred to the server, but nothing else

  • Close the project again without synchronizing it

Get rid of the faulty local project

  • Move your local project to the recycle bin
  • Delete it from the recycle bin

Get a fresh copy of your project

  • Check out the project again

This will download a fresh copy of the project to your PC and you can continue working on the project.

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