This page describes how to proof-read files with memoQWebTrans

Only basic information and information specific for PRODOC projects is given here.

More detailed information on using memoQWebTrans can be found on the Kilgray homepage



This sections contains specific information regarding review of a translation using memQWebTrans.

After logging in to memoQWeb, you will see your active translation tasks in the Online tasks list.

Review jobs are designated by the word Review and the language combination in the Online tasks pane below My tasks.

General information about the functionality of memoQWebTrans can be found in section memoQWebTrans user interface

Web links regarding this topic

Kilgray memoQ help

Requirements for review

For each translation job our general translation guidelines apply.

In addition there are customer-specific requirements that can be found in the Customer Info section of this wiki (password-protected - ask us for password)

Select segments to be reviewed

Move between segments

Upon clicking on the Jump to icon a dialog box is shown that lets you jump to the next (click on Down) or previous (click on Up) row to be translated.

Use the settings as shown in the screenshot.

Contrary to the settings for translation, you have to uncheck the Translator confirmed checkbox.

Only now you will automatically jump to the segments that need review.

Upon confirming a row, memoQ will automatically jump to the next row acc. to these settings.

Check segment status information

The segment status is shown by the color and corresponding icon in the rightmost column of the translation grid.

You only have to check segments with the single check mark icon.

Rules for proof-reading


For each segment:

  • Check correct grammar and spelling
  • Check that numbers and tags in source and target segment are identical and at the correct position in the translated text
  • Check that terms from term bases are used appropriately
  • Check that the content of the source text is translated correctly


For Translator confirmed segments

You should correct segments with the "translated" status, if necessary, without double-checking with PRODOC

  • Enter your corrections and confirm using CTRL+ENTER

For Reviewer 1 confirmed segments


You can, but you should not change these segments. They have already been reviewed by another person.

If you still think that a segment should be changed:

  • If you think that a segment with gray background should be changed, please start a discussion by clicking on the Discussion icon.

    The pop-up window Start a discussion opens:

  1. Enter a summary with only a few words
  2. Give a short description of the problem
  3. Suggest a solution
  4. Assign the discussion to the PRODOC project manager
  5. Click on Create

The PRODOC project manager will receive an email with the details you just entered. The email also contains a link that will open the segment with the problem in memoQWeb.

PRODOC will check all discussion items after receiving the reviewed file and decide whether the changes should be implemented or not.

Change requests for locked segments

Segments with a grey background cannot be edited.
Their status is either locked or Reviewer 2 confirmed.
Reviewer 2 confirmed segments are 101% matches from previous projects and have already been released by the customer.

  • If you still think that a segment with grey background should be changed, please start a discussion by clicking on the Discussion icon.

Finish your job

Checks to be performed

Make sure that you have followed the general Translation Guidelines for PRODOC and the customer-specific Guidelines contained in our Customer Info section (password protected).

memoQWebTrans does not provide QA-check functions like the memoQ desktop application. If you cannot perform a QA-check with a memoQ desktop application as described in Checks following translation / review, please inform us. We have to assign another person then in order to to the QA check.

Close the memoQ editor

You do not have to save anything manually, everything you edit in memoQWebTrans is saved automatically!

  • Close the tab or click on the top right of the window.

For further information you may continue with:

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