Here you will find a detailed description of the review process.

Select segments to be reviewed

Move between segments

  • Use the Go to next settings described in Preparation and settings
  • Use CTRL+Pos1 to jump to the start of the document/view.
  • With CTRL+G you will automatically jump to the segments that need review.
  • Upon confirming a row, memoQ will automatically jump to the next row acc. to these settings.

Check segment status information

memoQ segment status - translated segment

The segment status is shown by the color and corresponding icon in the rightmost column of the translation grid.

You only have to check segments with the single check mark icon (translator confirmed).

Rules for proof-reading

General procedure

  • jump between segments using CTRL+G and confirm correct segments using CTRL+Enter

  • if a red bolt appears, return to the segment using CTRL+Z and check why there is an issue
  • if necessary start working with the list Resolve Errors and Warnings first

What to Check

For each segment:

  • Check correct grammar and spelling
  • Check that numbers and tags in source and target segment are identical
  • Check that terms from term bases are used appropriately
  • Check that the content of the source text is translated correctly

What to Correct

For Translator confirmed segments

You should correct segments with the "translated" status, if necessary, without double-checking with PRODOC

  • Enter your corrections and confirm using CTRL+ENTER

For Reviewer 1 confirmed segments

You can, but you should not change these segments. They have already been reviewed by another person.

If you still think that a segment should be changed:

  • Highlight the term/sentence to be changed and press CTRL+M to start a discussion

memoQ review - start a discussion

  • Click on Start topic
  • Enter relevant information as in the example above (please always enter the project number in the summary!)
  • Assign the discussion to your PRODOC contact person

Upon clicking on OK, the discussion topic will be created and an email will be sent to the person the discussion is assigned to

You can view all project related discussions in the Communication panel of the current project.
memoQ review - discussion topic

Change requests for locked segments

Segments with a grey background cannot be edited.
Their status is either locked or Reviewer 2 confirmed.
Reviewer 2 confirmed segments are 101% matches from previous projects and have already been released by the customer.

  • If you still think that a segment with grey background should be changed, please start a discussion by double-clicking on the comment icon (or CTRL+M).

Inconsistent translations

Always check the percentage number that is assigned to each segment.

If it is 101%-95%, the segment either

  • has several different translations matches in the reference material,
  • starts with a lower case letter,
  • or consists of a word that has no distinction of singular/plural.

In this case you must check which translation is correct / the best and adjust the translation appropriately.

Different entries for Master TM and TMX-Transit-Refs

The segment shown below was filled with the 99% match, however, it is crucial to check the other results in the Translation Results window as well:

memoQ review - TM hit from Transit reference material

memoQ review - TM hit from master TM

The first match of 99% is from the TMX-Transit-Refs.

This reference material is used to be able to still use older translations that were made in Transit.

The second hit only has 93%, but you can clearly see that the content of the German segment is identical and that the hit comes from a Master TM.

  • Delete the TMX-Transit-Refs translation entry
    memoQ review - delete TMX-Transit refs

This can be safely done here, as we generate a correct segment for the Master TM afterwards. If necessary, this step might have to be repeated several times, as there can be multiple entries for (almost) identical German source texts in the TMX-Transit-Refs.

  • Afterwards select the Master TM translation and insert it into the translation grid with CTRL+space, make adjustments if necessary and confirm the segment.memoQ review - insert hit from master TM

Different entries in different Master TMs

Check thoroughly

A thorough check is particularly important with projects that have several Master TMs active/in use.
If you find different entries, start a discussion.

Use memoQ functionality to improve the review process

Use Track changes to see previous versions

It can be helpful to compare previous translations/changes with the Track Changes or Row History functions, as memoQ generates a snapshot of each different document version.

memoQ review - use track changes

In the next window, select the document version for comparison. E.g. if you want to see all changes a translator has made, select the version with the note "Before user starts working..." and click OK.

This will result in red letters for inserted text and striked-through red letters for deleted text:

This way, you can easily identify what has changed between the version you selected and the current version of the text.

For further information you may continue with:

Checks following translation/review