This space is intended for freelancers and customers working together with PRODOC

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In some cases we will provide you with LiveDocs containing TMs in a different language

Project settings


In project home you can see all LiveDocs contained in the current project. For Fake-TMs the Target language (light red) indication is not correct, it was set manually by PRODOC to the current target language of the project. The contents of the LiveDoc are explained in the Keywords section (yellow)


In the Settings pane the LiveDoc settings must be set to PRODOC - Fake-TM

In these settings a penalty of 30% is set for LiveDocs, so even 100%-matches from the fake TM will only have a 70% match-rate.

This helps you not to confuse these matches with proper matches from your current target language.



The fake TM can give information on how a segment is translated into another language.

This might be especially useful when e.g. a software will only be available in German and English and the customer requests that the English software texts are used for translation into other languages.

The screenshot below shows a segment that has to be translated into Korean.

  1. A match already exists in the Korean TM and is shown as Result no. 2.
  2. The English translation of the current segment is shown as Translation result no. 4 - below the Korean result although it is an exact match.

This is due to the penalty of 30% for fake TMs.

The next example shows a hit from the fake TM.

Note the icon for the LiveDoc and the corresponding keyword.

You can see here, how the German menu items Einstellungen > Sicherheit > Browserverlauf are translated into English. You can use them for the current translation into Korean, but be cautious, usually you must also translate some parts of the segment into your language.