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Prepare Trados for memoQ Xliff

If you are using Trados 2015 or newer, Trados is already prepared to work with memoQ XLIFF files.

If you are working with an older version of Trados:

  1. Get the App for Trados from : Search for memoQ and download the File type definition for memoQ XLIFF
  2. Install the App, follow instructions of this video:
    The information relevant for Trados Studio 2014 Users starts at 37 minutes in the video and ends at 39:45 minutes
  3. As an alternative, you can follow these instructions:*.mqxliff_in_different_CAT_tools

Import memoQ Xliff into Trados

  1. In Trados, create an empty project. 
  2. Use the add files command to add the *.mqxlz file to your project
  3. Highlight the imported files and right-click
  4. Use the Batch Tasks -> Convert to translatable format command in order to be able to translate the imported files

Currently there is no way to provide complete packages that include TBs and TMs for Trados users.

Therefore, after importing the memoQ-Xliff files in Trados you may also need to import termbases and translation memories, in case we provide these separately.


Delivering the translated files from Trados

  1. Use the Save target as command and export the files as *.mqxliff or *.mqxlz (not *SDLxliff).
  2. Send the *.mqxliff or *.mqxlz to PRODOC