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When you want to work without internet connection, e.g. while travelling, you need local copies of all project resources.

Project with local TM

You can recognize a local TM copy in the Translation memories section of Project home. They have a red background and a computer icon instead of the cloud icon

Management tasks

Remove local TM copy of a functional TM

When you remove a functional local copy of a server TM, it's contents should be synchronized with the server TM. The following stepts will take care of that.

  • Open the Resource Console

  • In the Resource Console select My Computer and click on the check mark

  • Click on the pin to unpin the TM, this should always be done for local working TMs after delivery of the project. Local working TMs are designated by the word "Working" followed by project number and language combination

  • Confirm the unpin action

The unpinning synchronizes the local TM copy and the removes the local copy.

You are done!

Remove local TM copy of a corrupted TM

A TM can get corrupted. If we tell you to remove a local copy of a corrupted TM, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Resource Console (as above)

  • In the Resource Console select My Computer and click on the check mark (as above)

  • Do NOT unpin the TM, delete it instead, this will remove the local copy without synchronization

  • Confirm Deletion in the next window by clicking on "Yes"

This removes the local TM copy.

You are done!

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