memoQWeb is the web based translation environment for memoQ. It is hosted on the PRODOC memoQ server.

The PRODOC memoQ webserver provides an easy-to-use webinterface.

This user interface is intended for:

  • all of you who are working regularly for us and want to get an overview of their pending projects
  • setting and changing the password
  • small translation jobs with just a few sentences

Do not use the webinterface for larger translations - Use your locally installed memoQ desktop software instead

Logging in to memoQWeb

To log in use the following link, see screenshot above:


You need a user name and a password that will be provided to you by your PRODOC contact person.

Functions of memoQWeb

Use Project management to start your own projects

Use memoQWebTrans for short translations

Use qTerm for terminology management

Use Discussions to ask questions and get answers

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