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The memoQWebTrans user interface provides most functions for translating and proofreading documents on the PRODOC memoQ server.

  1. The Menu bar shows operations for the current segment

  2. The Translation grid shows the text to be translated, divided into segments. Each segment is stored in a translation memory and will be re-used for further translations. A detailed explanation of the functionality can be found here.
    The current segment is highlighted in orange at the left side of the segment (no. 80 in the screenshot above)
    The segment status is shown to the right of the segments. The meaning of the icons is explained here.

  3. The Translation results pane shows search results. The content of the current segment is compared with contents of the translation memory (marked in red) and contents of the terminology database (marked in blue). More information regarding the translation results list can be found here.

  4. The View pane can be shown or hidden using the corresponding button in the menu bar. More information can be found  here.

  5. Depending on the selected button (5) it can show:
    • Document preview
    • QA warnings
    • Comments
    • Review information