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This guide describes the manual steps required to invoke an automatic pre-translation of unconfirmed segments.


This guide is of use if no or little reference material has been available initially and the text to be translated is quite homogeneous.

You may perform these steps after having translated a sensible amount of segments in order to have new reference material available for pre-translation.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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Check and change TM settings

In the TM settings you can define the Match rate down to which segments from the TM are accepted for pretranslation.

You may need to adjust the TM settings to your requirements.

PRODOC standard TM settings are set to 95% for a Good match and 70% for Any match.


You cannot change settings provided by PRODOC. If you need different TM settings, you can create your own.

You can find the TM settings in the Settings pane

Use your own TM settings

memoQ project home - settings - TM-settings

If you don't have your own settings file:

  • Click on Create / use new

The following window appears:

memoQ project home - settings - create own TM-settings

  • Make sure that My computer is set as the TM settings source, enter a Name and click OK

  • Adjust the values according to your requirements
  • Perform the pre-translation with your own settings, if the default settings do not suit your needs.

Delete unconfirmed translations

memoQ only pre-translates empty segments, therefore you have to clear translations prior to performing pre-translation.

With opened View/Document 

    • click Clear Translations in the Preparation ribbon,
    • then select Unconfirmed segments and click OK

memoQ editor - preparation - clear translations 

memoQ editor - preparation - clear uncofirmed segments

memoQ now deletes the contents of all unconfirmed segments

Pre-translate with Any match

With opened View/Document 

  • click Pre-Translate in the Preparation ribbon,

memoQ editor - preparation - Pre-Translate 

  • On the Scope and lookup tab, select Any TM or corpus Match

  • Then click on the link  Select TMs and LiveDocs corpora highlighted in blue

The window Select TMs and LiveDocs Corpora for pre-translation appears

  • In this window, check the TMs and Livedocs that you want to use for pre-translation and confirm with OK
  • Activate the Confirm/lock tab
  • On this tab, select Do not confirm or lock segments and confirm with OK


memoQ now fills the segments with fuzzy matches that have a minimum match rate equalling the minimum match rate set in the TM settings.

The Do not confirm or lock segments option must be checked, because the working TM is used for pre-translation and hits from the working TM are not proof-read.

Set No sorting to see the segments in their correct order

memoQ editor - set no sorting

Adjust GoToNext settings

These settings will allow you to jump from one pretranslated segment to the next, skipping all the empty segments that have not been pretranslated:

memoQ editor - GoToNext settings for pretranslated segments

memoQ editor - adjust GoToNext settings for pretranslated segments - status

Finish translation of the pretranslated segments

  • Jump to the start of the document with CTRL+Pos1 and then move between segments using CTRL+G.
  • For each segment compare source and target and make the required adjustments to the target - see also Translate with memoQ

The Translation results pane shows the changes, some examples:


memoQ editor - TM match example

Here, the translation of Typ 1 and the brackets still have to be added to the pretranslated segment.

In the next figure, memoQ has inserted a "patched match", see the exclamation mark in front of the 94% indication for the first match:


memoQ editor - patched match example

This patched match has overwritten the pretranslated segment (see orange segment status colour instead of the light blue background of the other segments) and inserted almost the final translation. You would just have to change the upper case of the "C" in Cycle to lower case "cycle" before confirming the segment.