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This article describes how to use the discussion feature in memoQ for questions regarding the text to be translated.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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Use discussions for questions


Please ask all your questions in the form of discussions.

Discussions are linked to the segment in question. This saves us time in finding the segment your questions are referring to.

You can find all discussions related to a project on the Communications tab

You may start a discussion for  the following cases:

  • Questions regarding the source text
  • Change requests for locked segments
  • Change requests for already translated segments

Start a discussion

  • Highlight the text you want to have changed and press CTRL+M. This will create  a new note:

  • Click on the Discussion tab and then on Start topic:

    The pop-up window Start a discussion opens:

  1. Enter a summary with only a few words
  2. Give a short description of the problem
  3. Suggest a solution
  4. Assign the discussion to the PRODOC project manager
  5. Click on OK

This will create a discussion topic:

  • Click OK to save the topic.

The PRODOC project manager will receive an email with the details you just entered.

The email also contains a link that will open the segment with the problem in memoQWeb.

The big advantage of discussions over notes/comments is that all project users can see all discussion topics in the communications tab of the project:

In case you close the communication tab, it can be found under the memoQ tab:

titleDiscussions are information for all project users

Discussion topics can be seen by all project users.

This is helpful, especially for questions regarding the source text which may also affect translators of other languages in the same project.

Answer a discussion topic


Once a discussion topic has been assigned to you, you will receive an email that contains a link to the discussion topic in memoQweb.

You can either open the discussion in the corresponding project in memoQ or simply use the link to open the discussion topic in memoQweb - see Discussions - for communication related to terms and translations

If you want to answer directly in memoQ, use the following procedure:

  • Check out the project
  • Go to the Communication tab

Add a Note

  • Click Add note to answer the discussion topic

  • Enter your answer and click on Send

The note is now saved with the discussion topic:

Change the suggestion

  • If your answer has changed the suggested solution, change the suggestion accordingly:

Reassign a discussion topic

  • Reassign the discussion topic back to the person who created the topic in order to inform them

View answers to a discussion topic

Automated email with a summary

Assigning a discussion topic to a person will create an email to the person you assigned the discussion topic to:

The email contains:

  1. A link to the discussion topic in memoQweb.
  2. The summary
  3. The problem description
  4. The final suggestion, i.e. decision
  5. One or more notes that show the basis for the decision
  6. Modification history of the discussion topic

Open the comments tab in your memoQ desktop application or simply click the link in the email to get to the discussion topic in memoQweb.

Answer in memoQ

The discussion topic in memoQ now looks like this:

  1. The summary
  2. The problem description
  3. The final suggestion, i.e. decision
  4. Document the topic refers to
  5. One or more notes that show the basis for the decision
  6. Person, the topic is assigned to

For further information you may continue with:

Discussions - for communication related to terms and translations