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After you have finished a translation or a review job, you have to deliver the files.

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Table of Contents

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Make sure that all quality checks have been performed by you

General info regarding quality checks is Make sure that you have followed the general Translation Guidelines for PRODOC and the customer-specific Guidelines contained in our Customer Info for Freelancers section of this Wiki:

  • Quality checks to be performed after every translation job: Translation Guidelines for PRODOC
  • Customer-dependent quality checks may also apply. This will be specified in your order

    section (password protected).


    memoQWebTrans does not provide QA-check functions like the memoQ desktop application. If you cannot perform a QA-check with a memoQ desktop application as described in Checks following translation / review, please inform us. We have to assign another person then in order to to the QA check.

    Deliver your files after completing your job

    You have to press the Deliver document button in order to inform PRODOC that your translation/review is finished

    The My tasks list shows all files assigned to you and their status.

    Check the status of your jobs:

    1. After you have started working on a file, it is highlighted in orange (1).
    2. After you have translated and proof-read a file, the Translation/Review 1 progress indicator (2) must show 100%
    3. Deliver the file by clicking on the Deliver document button

    This will inform PRODOC that you have finished your translation and that it is ready to be proof-read bý a second person