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The customer review process is different from the normal review process because all segments will already have the Reviewer 1 confirmed state when Customers start reviewing the translation

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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This sections contains specific information regarding the second review of a translation using memQWebTrans.

After logging in to memoQWeb, you will see your active translation tasks in the online tasks list.

Image RemovedImage Added

Review jobs are designated by the word Review 1 or 2 and the language combination in the Online tasks pane below My tasks.

General information about the functionality of memoQWebTrans can be found in section memoQWebTrans user interface

Web links regarding this topic

Kilgray memoQ help

Select segments to be reviewed

Move between segments

Upon clicking on the Jump to icon a dialog box is shown that lets you jump to the next row (click on Down) or previous row (click on Up) to be translated.

Use the settings as shown in the screenshot.

Only this way you will automatically jump to only those segments that need review.

Upon confirming a row, memoQ will automatically jump to the next row acc. to these settings.

Rules for proof-reading


You can get a html preview for the translated text in the area designated by the blue rectangle by clicking on the eye icon

Which segments have to be checked?

  • Only check segments with a white background (yellow rectangles in the screenshot above).

Only these segments have been translated during the current translation job.

By clicking on the Jump to icon, you can move between these segments

Segments with a grey background cannot be changed, they have been approved in earlier translation projects.

What has to be checked?

PRODOC has already done the following checks

  • Check that numbers and tags in source and target segment match
  • Check that terms from term bases are used appropriately
  • Check that the content of the source text is correctly translated

What PRODOC cannot check

  • Check whether the translation has the wording you want to use for your target group


Checks before making a correction

Added/reduced content for your country

titleWarning - translations are stored in a Translation Memory

Translations are stored sentence by sentence in the Translation Memory.

Before you enter a correction, check whether the changed sentence still is a possible translation of the source text.

Otherwise the Translation Memory will be made useless.

If a complete sentence does not seem to make sense for you in your market and you want it removed, or if you want to insert information that is not given in the source text:

  • Enter a comment using the Comment icon.

PRODOC will provide a list that contains these comments together with the translated document.

The marketing department of your headquarters can then pass on this information to the printing agency for manual insertion/removal of your text before printing.

Consistency with previous translations and the terminology

Use the Translation results pane (red rectangle in the screenshot above) to check whether previous translations of similar texts exist.
This is the case when more than one red entry exists.
Since you are reviewing text that has already been confirmed, the first red entry always shows the translation of the current segment.

  • Single-click on the second or third entry and have a look at the existing and approved translations
  • Single-click on the blue terminology entries and check how the source text terms should be translated

In the example above the sentence
"Umfangreiches Produktportfolio speziell für die Verpackungsindustrie"
has already been translated and approved as
"Gamme étendue de produits conçus spécialement pour l'industrie de l'emballage"
- see screenshot below:

The only word that has been changed in the current text is "Intralogistik" instead of "Verpackungsindustrie".

For the new word "Intralogistik" the term "intralogistique" is defined in the term base and has been used correctly in the translation.

There should not be any need to change the translation.

  • Try to keep the current translation consistent with already approved translations.

How to enter corrections

  • Click in the segment you want to change and enter your corrections

The color for the segment status will change from green to orange.

  • Do not confirm these segments

PRODOC will double-check the changed segments and contact you if your corrections cannot be accepted for technical reasons.

Finish your work

You do not have to save anything manually, everything you edit in memoQWebTrans is saved automatically!


If you are finished with proof-reading click on the Deliver button to inform PRODOC that your work is done.

If you made corrections, the following window will appear:

  • Click ok

This will generate an Email to the responsible PRODOC employee.

Sign out

Click on the sign_out button to close the application and release the floating license you have used.

For further information you may continue with: