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You can view, change and add information regarding your user account on the PRODOC memoQ webserver

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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User account created by PRODOC

When we create a user account for you on our memoQ webserver, you receive an email with

  • a link to the login-page
  • your user name
  • your password

For security reasons, please set your own password on our PRODOC memoQ webserver.

  • Log on to the memoQ server - more information can be found here
  • Click on Profile

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The following page will show your profile data.

We only set the user name for new user accounts.

You have to add/edit personal information yourself - please follow the instructions below.

Edit your profile information in memoQweb

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  1. Set your password
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    Use a mix of numbers and letters, minimum 12 characters
    Do not use the same password anywhere else for security reasons.
    We recommend the use of a password manager such as 1password for the management and easy use of a number of different passwords.

  2. Enter your language pairs (optional)
  3. Set your display language (for the use of memoQWeb)
    Set your time zone (optional)
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  4. Enable or disable discussion related email notifications
    If this checkbox is activated, you will receive email-notifications as soon as there is new content for a discussion topic created by you, directed at you or monitored by you.
    Please make sure that this checkbox is activated, because we use discussions for information related to projects and term bases!

    For more information, see Discussions - for communication related to terms and translations
  5. Click on Save
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Now you have set up your account and you are ready to go!