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The discussion feature is used for terminology based communication

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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More info on discussions can be found here.

Start a discussion in qTerm

Select the term that you want to have changed.

memoqweb - qterm - select a term

  1. Check existing duscussions, if there is none answering your questions
  2. Start a new discussion - make sure to click on the right button as shown in the screenshot

Enter the discussion details

After a click on the discussion symbol the Start a discussion dialog box opens:

memoqweb - qterm - start a discussion


  1. Enter a summary - this summary will be shown as a clickable link in the discussion overview

  2. Give a brief description of the problem

  3. Suggest how you would solve the problem

  4. Assign the discussion to your PRODOC contact person

  • Click Create


Automated actions are performed

After clicking on Create two actions occur in the background

  • A discussion topic is created and assigned to the selected user

  • An email is sent to the selected user to inform him that a discussion topic has been assigned to him, including the duscussion details and a direct link to the duscussion

    memoqweb - qterm - discussion item - automated email

The new topic is shown immediately in the related topics section of the term:

memoqweb - qterm - new discussion topic


And the topic is available to everybody with access rights to the related term base in the discussions section of memoQWeb as an open topic with red background:

memoqweb - qterm - discussion topic - open

The discussion topic will now be processed by the person you have assigned it to.

Topic not resolved

If a topic is not resolved, and the PRODOC contact person has further questions, he will assign the discussion topic back to you.

You receive an email

When a discussion topic is assigned back to you, you receive an email with similar content:

The email contains:

  1. The link to the discussion topic in qTerm
  2. The note that was added by the previous user
  3. The discussion topic history

Open the discussion topic

  • Click on the link (1) to directly open the related discussion topic in your web browser

Look at the note at the bottom of the window. There you find the last latest notes regarding the topic.

Add a new Note to the topic

Add a new note
Add a new note


  • Suggest a solution in the note and click on Add note

Assign the topic back to PRODOC

The new note is saved with the topic:

  • Select the PRODOC contact person and
  • Click on Assign to:

The PRODOC contact person will receive an automated email and can either continue the discussion or set it to resolved.

Topic resolved

A resolved topic means that PRODOC has entered made a decision and that you should revise this decision and possibly agree (smile)

Topic state in the discussion panel

If a discussion is resolved, it will have a green background in your discussion panel:

Email notification

You, as the person who has started the discussion, will receive an email:

The email contains:

  1. A summary of the Resolution
  2. A direct link to the topic

Your actions

  • Click on the link to view the topic in your web browser and review the decision
If you don't agree
  • If you don't agree with the decision, set the status back to Open and click on Change status to
  • Enter a new note - see above
You agree
  • If you agree, do nothing, just close the browser window

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Using the discussion panel
Using the discussion panel