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qTerm has two print layouts for printing entire term bases or earch search results 

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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Print an entire term base

  • Click on the name of the term base to be printed

  • In the next window click on Print

  1. Select Glossary as the Print view
    Depending on the amount of terms, this may take a while...

  2. Click on Print


Download the PDF file in the next window and then click Close




If you would rather like to have the terms in an editable format, ask us!

We can provide the termbase contents in the following formats:

  • TBX
  • CSV
  • SDL Multiterm

Print a search result list

The search result list will show only terms that contain the string you entered in Term:

This can be helpful if you want to look for consistent translations of words with the same root.

  1. Enter the term or parts of it in Term:

  2. Set the source Language and Second language for your search

  3. By default all term bases assigned to you are used for look-up - if you want to select specific term bases for your search,
    select them here:

  4. Select Print view - Glossary

  5. Hit Search

The following window appears:

Note where the search string is found (red arrows)!

  1. Check the search results and layout

  2. Modify your search, if required

  3. Print the results