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This page describes how to translate files with the memoQ desktop application.


These instructions assume that the preparations acc. to Preparation and settings for translation have been performed

Only basic information and information specific for PRODOC projects is given here.

More detailed information on using the memoQ desktop application can be found on the Kilgray homepage.

For more information see also Default settings for PRODOC projects

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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Select segments to be translated

Move between segments

  • Open the Go To Next Settings either via the menu or using CTRL+Shift+G

  • Use the settings from the screenshots:

These settings will ensure that you can move between untranslated segments using CTRL+G and that you will automatically jump to the next segment acc. to these settings after confirming.

Check segment status information

The segment status is shown by the color and corresponding icon in the rightmost column of the translation grid.

A green background means that the segment has been translated.

Rules for already translated segments

With the above settings, you will not jump to segments that already have been translated using the Jump to button (or the CTRL+G keyboard shortcut), but you can select them manually.

Translated segments may have the following status:

Segment status
MeaningAllowed actions
Translator confirmed

The segment has been translated and confirmed by you or by PRODOC staff in the course of the current projectOnly change segments translated by PRODOC staff after consulting with us
Reviewer 1 confirmed

The segment has been translated and confirmed by PRODOC staff in the course of the current projectYou must not change the content of these segments
Reviewer 2 confirmed

The segment is a 101% match and has been imported from Master-TMsYou cannot change the content of these segments, you can only start a discussion in order to suggest changes

Change requests for locked segments

Segments with a grey background cannot be edited.

Their status is either locked or Reviewer 2 confirmed.

  • If you think that a segment with gray background should be changed, please start a discussion:

Use the translation results pane for consistency

The translation results pane shows Translation Memory hits with a red background and Term Base entries with a blue background.

  • Use these hits for your translation!

Non-translatables are shown with a grey backgound:

  • Use them without any changes in your translation

Use TM hits (red background)

  • If, for the current segment (1), a hit is shown in red (2), check the percentage (3) and the TM origin (4).
  • Enter suitable hits into the current segment (1) by doubleclicking on them (2) or press CTRL+Space button
  • Compare the TM entry (5) and its translation (6) and adjust the translation of the current segment (7) accordingly
    In some cases, memoQ will already have entered a suitable translation ("patch match" - purple background)

TM origin conventions for PRODOC projects

TM origin (4) containsMeaning
MasterThe translation has been proof-read and released
WorkingThe translation originates from the current project and has not been checked

ToDos depending on percentage value and TM origin

Value of the Percentage field (3)TM origin (4) containsToDo


The TM hit is identical to the current segment and its context is also identical

MasterYou can accept the hit without checking it and without modifications
WorkingThe reference segment has not been proof-read yet, you can accept the hit, but you should check the content


The TM hit is identical to the current segment

You can accept the hit, please check whether it fits the context (previous/following segment, capitalization)
WorkingThe reference segment has not been proof-read yet, you can accept the hit, but you should check the content and whether it fits into the context (previous/following segment, capitalization)


Only tags, numbers or capitalization of the current segment differ from the TM segment

MasterYou can accept the hit without checking the text, but you usually have to adapt tags and numbers
WorkingThe reference segment has not been proof-read yet.
You can accept the hit, but you should check the content and you usually have to adapt tags and numbers


The text of the reference segment is not identical to the current segment.

The percentage indicates how similar the segments are.

Master / Working You have to check the differences between current segment and reference segment using the comparison fields 5, 6 and 7 and adapt the translation accordingly.

Use TB hits (blue background)

If the source text contains terms for which a translation exists in a term base, these terms are highlighted with a light blue background in the source text (1).

The suggested translation of all of these terms is shown in the Translation results pane (2).

If you click on an entry in the Translations results pane, the entire entry and the term base it originates from is shown below (3).

  • Enter a term into the translation grid (at the current cursor position) by double-clicking on it.

Naming conventions for term bases and allowed actions

customer_checkThe term base contains obligatory terms provided by the customer.

These terms must be used.

Never change any of these terms!

Never add any term to these term bases!

customer_von_customerThe term base contains terms provided by the customer.

These terms should be used, if possible.

Never change any of these terms!

Never add any term to these term bases!

customer_von_prodoc The term base contains terms that are entered during translation work by PRODOC staff or by freelancers

These terms should be used, if possible.

Never change any of these terms!

You may add new terms to these term bases!

There might be more term bases added to a project, especially term bases representing software GUIs.

titleCustomer-specific termbases
You can find customer-specific information on term bases in the Customer Info section (password-protected).

Translate segments

Enter your translation

translate in memoQ - segments to be translatedImage RemovedImage Added

Translations are entered into the right column of the translation grid.

  • Use the Translation results pane (see above) to aid you during your translation work

Check and confirm your translation

After you have entered your translation into the target cell:

  • check for correct spelling
  • check the correct use of tags: tag order and spaces around tags
  • check the correct use of spaces versus non-breaking spaces and special space characters

If all checks are successful:

  • confirm using CTRL+ENTER

This will set the status of the segment to Translated and send a copy of the translated segment into the working TM for re-use by you during the current project.

Ask questions

If you have any question regarding the source text, already translated segments etc, follow the instructions given in Asking questions in memoQ.

Check your own translations

GoToNext settings for review of your own translation

After your translation and after having confirmed all segments, you can proof-read your own translations with the following settings.


Select Not locked on the Common filters tab.

Then click on Get User names in the Conflicts and changes tab, select your user name from the Translator drop down menu and check this item.


  • Go to the first segment in the document
  • Press CTRL+G to jump to the first segment containing your translation
  • Proof-read your own translation and go to the next segment with CTRL+G when you are happy with your translation
  • If you change your translation: confirm the changed segment with CTRL+ENTER

Recognize a QA warning

If, after confirming, a warning icon (1) is displayed in the confirmed segment:

translate in memoQ - check QA warningsImage RemovedImage Added

  • Check the QA warnings on (2) the Review pane

Actions upon encountering a QA warning

Depending on the error, you might take two actions

  • If this is in fact an error: correct the segment accordingly
  • If you can ignore the error in the current segment: check the Ignore box

Then in any case you have to confirm the segment again!

After you have checked your translation, all segments have to be confirmed and all warning icons have to be removed/ignored!

Translation guidelines to be followed

Make sure that you have followed the general Translation Guidelines for PRODOC and the customer-specific Guidelines contained in our Customer Info section (password protected).

Close the checked-out project

You do not have to save anything manually, everything you edit in memoQ is saved automatically!

close checked out project in memoQ

  • Close the tab or click on the top right of the window and then close Project home