This page desribes how to open a file for translation in memoQWebTrans

Information given in the My tasks list

Files displayed

MemoQWebTrans shows all files assigned to you under My tasks

You cannot create a view as in memoQ desktop.

For every file you want to edit, a separate window will open

Additional information on your jobs

Project number
(yellow rectangles)
You can identify all files belonging to a project by their corresponding project number. You may also use the Group by project option.
The project number is always quoted in our orders.
(blue rectangle)
For each file you can see the total number of segments/words/characters
(green rectangle)

The green rectangle shwos how much of the total size has already been translated.
e.g. in the highlighted file 95% of the total amount already have been translated, i.e. there is only 5% left to be translated.

Job information
(red rectangle)

Information regarding the job status.

Open a file

  • Click on the Edit document icon - make sure not to click on the letter icon